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Black icing has gotten increasingly popular lately and  I have been here for it!

Here’s a show case of my black buttercream cakes and cupcakes:

Black red velvet cake
Large black chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cake
Black , white and gold chocolate and vanilla cake
Black and gold chocolate cupcakes

So I am going to teach you all how I make black buttercream.

First things first, you will need a lot of patience. You can’t just whip some up in a few minutes, it’s takes almost 24 hours to achieve the perfect black buttercream frosting.

First things first, using your trusted buttercream frosting recipe, make your WHITE buttercream. I made a pretty small batch of buttercream, using about 250g of butter.

White buttercream

Next I added three tablespoons of cocoa powder. This is for those people who don’t mind a chocolate buttercream, if you mind then you can substitute with a few drops of brown food colouring, it will work just fine.

Add cocoa powder to white buttercream

The reason why you start with a darker icing is to get to your desired colour faster.

Mix it in until evenly distributed 

Next add in your black food colouring. I use gel as it is much stronger, doesn’t quite interfere with the taste of you buttercream and it matures fast than liquid colouring. I started with 10 drops, trust me, it won’t hurt your icing.

Mix it in evenly and cover your buttercream. You will notice that you icing has a greenish to grey colour, it’s perfectly fine.

Place it in a dark spot and wait for it to start maturing.

I added a few drops through out the day in two hour intervals, and this is how it looked after 6 hours:

Finally, after 17 to 18 hours I finally got black buttercream!

Black buttercream

Answer to one of the questions for the July 31st, 2019: Chocolate. So if you’ve been trying to get black buttercream and struggling, I hope these tips help you as they’ve been helping me.

Happy icing!

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