Before I begin this review please note that Zesty Zoe is not affilliated with Burgerack Restaurant and this review is solely based on personal tastes and preferences.

Let’s begin.

I’m going to make this short and sweet! My boyfriend and I have visitors this restaurant about four times because it’s super quick and budget friendly compared to most of the burger joints we’ve visit and they’re burgers are really delicious.

So far I have tried the blondie twice, the Mexican and the bbq baby that I will post below:

They’re staff are really friendly, which I think is key and you literally just walk in, order and get to watch your food being made.

It almost always takes about 15 minutes and your food is ready so this place is great if you’re on the go. 

What I liked about the bbq baby:

It was just what they promised, a delicious patty, oozing bbq sauce, matured cheddar cheese, tomato, dill pickles which are my absolute favourite; I mean they’ve got a kick of flavour and spice and I genuinely believe I could eat a whole jar of these in one go, and finally, my least favourite things on the burger, fried onion rings. I just don’t think they were done well, they weren’t quite crispy and they were pretty chewy so I ended up taking them off my burger altogether.

All in all, we love this burger joint, it’s a few minutes away from home which is both good and bad and what else can I say? They nail their burgers!

Location: along great north road

Have you been here before? What was your experience?

what do you think?

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