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Roman’s Pizza Lusaka, Zambia

My little sister and I went to the bank yesterday, she needed to open her very first bank account and I was more than happy to go there with her.

We unfortunately had to hold off on the process because of some form of system failure not directly affiliated with the bank so we went over to East Park Mall to see if we could find a solution there but to no avail!

It was almost 12 and we both hadn’t had our breakfast and I’d mentioned earlier that I’d like to give Roman’s Pizza a shot! I had no idea they had an outlet at East Park Mall so when I saw them there, I took it as a sign 😂 

We went up to the store, opted for the barbecue chicken flavour and as per the recommendation of the cashier, we went with the thin crust.


Super polite, they answered all my questions and gave very helpful recommendations.


Pretty standard. We got the large pizza and as of 29/03/2021 it was K99.90


As good as it gets at a mall. I don’t think you’d expect a fine dining experience. All tables were tidy which I appreciate.


OMG!!! It was phenomenal!

The crust was soft, delicate and incredibly fresh.

The toppings were juicy, slightly sweet barbecue sauces and very tender chicken.

You’d honestly think we’d ordered extra cheese!

I 100% recommend Roman’s Pizza to anyone who’d like to give it a shot.

I hope all the other outlets are as good as the East Park Mall one. 

I’m drooling! Haha!

Roman’s Pizza Lusaka, Zambia

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