Before I begin this review please note that Zesty Zoe is not affilliated with The Corner Cafe Restaurant and this review is solely based on personal tastes and preferences.

Let’s begin!

I went out to have lunch with a friend of mine yesterday and she suggested we go to The Corner Cafe.

I’ve been there a few times to pick up a few desserts but only ever dined there once, I had a pleasant experience so I was excited to go back.

We walked in and were instantly greeted by a polite lady who showed us to our table. Our waiter followed her behind and kicked off our remarkable afternoon.

His name is Brian, he introduced himself and was very patient and helpful. If you do go to The Corner Cafe, I absolutely recommend that you request for him, he’ll make your experience absolutely incredible.

So after much deliberation and slight hesitation, we both order the Veal Picatta. With the Veal Picatta you’re given the choice of chips or mashed potatoes and I went with the chips. On the side we had roasted carrots.

Here’s how it looked:

Veal Picatta

I am very picky with my red meats because I think very few people cook red meat well but The Corner Cafe shut me up.

The meat was tender, it cut easily and my oh my it was just so delicious!!

The chips. Oh wow! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Every potatoes dream come true.

The carrots. I love carrots and these were perfectly roasted. They were the perfect texture, they were soft but still had a nice bite and they really just delicious.

The only thing that I think the dish was missing would be a nice sauce or a squeeze of lemon to just lift the dish up a little more.

Another reservation I had was that the food did take very long, but a part of me is comforted because it was fresh and delicious.

The drink:

Mint Lemonade

My friend recommended the mint lemonade and I was glad I went with her suggestion because the drink was fresh and it packed a lot of flavour. It was a great accompaniment for the dish so I highly recommend this drink.

Finally, I finished my lunch with their cheesecake:


I love cheesecake. Especially when I make it myself because I genuinely believe that I make the best cheesecake.

The Corner Cafe cheesecake however was the kind of cheesecake you have in your dreams. It was light, soft, smooth and PERFECT! I couldn’t fault it even if I wanted to.

It was just incredible.

So that was my dining experience at The Corner Cafe. Simply perfect. When I go there again, which I think will be very soon, I’ll be sure to request for Brian. Best waiter I’ve ever encountered.

Have you been to The Corner Cafe? What was your experience.


  • Richard June 17, 2019 Reply

    You’ve sold me! I’ll try it out for myself!

    • Zesty Zoe June 17, 2019 Reply

      You’ll love it!
      Remember, ask for Brian 😉

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