Before I begin this review please note that Zesty Zoe is not affilliated with Bombay Lounge Restaurant (and this review is solely based on personal tastes and preferences.

Let’s begin.

It had been months of my boyfriend describing the naan he’d had before he finally went there one evening.

As per the usual, a waitress led us to a table but something struck me about this woman, she was very enthusiastic and attentive. She answered all the questions we had quickly and accurately and made great suggestions. I really wish I took her name down because I have never met a waitress who worked so passionately.

We ordered butter chicken, chicken tikka masala rice and of course the famous naan my boyfriend had been talking about forever!

The food was served in a pleasant fashion, pardon my picture quality, we sat in the dim area of the restaurant for a more romantic ambience.

This is how the food looked:

The butter chicken and chicken tikka masala rested in little copper pots atop tiny braziers that had a piece of charcoal in each one. Kept the food perfectly warm through out.

The taste. My oh my! I have never once had food that served spoonfuls of flavour bursting each time! What a great experience. 

The seasoning, everything was perfect to a tee! I am not proud of it but I do consume heavy amounts of salt, this time however, it felt like even a drop of salt would ruin this perfectly seasoned food.

The butter chicken and the chicken tikka masala:

Have you ever tasted something once before and you tasted it a second time and you knew that’s how it should always taste, that is the experience I had with both these dishes. They were absolutely wonderful. I wished I could cook like that you know. It was comfortable and warm and beautiful and delicious! Every mouthful took me somewhere different and better and more wonderful. I was absolutely pleased.

The rice:

Cook to absolute perfection.

I love long rice and I loved it even more here! An absolute marvel.

The ‘famous’ naan:

Let me start by saying after I tasted this naan, I went back home and tried one recipe after another and I still have not gotten it!!

It was moist, flavourful and elastic. My oh my, it was incredible, amazing, delicious… someone grab my thesaurus because I need to look up more words that mean delicious. 

I really haven’t had naan that delicious anywhere else, not even in my own kitchen.

Location: The Bombay Lounge we visited is located at East Park Mall in Lusaka.

Conclusion: after our one visit there, I personally hold this restaurant as that place you shouldn’t visit so often because it’s so near dear and perfect, the experience was unmatched and I’m afraid to revisit the place because I wouldn’t want the perfection to be tempered with in my mind.

I hope you do, it was a really amazing experience and I hope to go again soon.


  • memory hannah mwenya May 23, 2019 Reply

    Would really love to taste everything there😍😍
    Your work inspires me sis!
    You go girl!

    • Zesty Zoe May 26, 2019 Reply

      Awwww baby girl!!!
      I love you 😘

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