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A lot of people have made mention of the neatness of my cakes. It wasn’t always like this in the beginning

As can be seen above, before I even learnt what the essence of crumb coating was, I’d send cakes out with lots of crumbs in them but luckily, I always knew there was room for improvement and I will share with you how my cakes have changed since I learnt how to crumb coat below.

Crumb coating is essentially the applications of a thin layer of icing that you then let set up in the fridge before your final decoration. This way, crumbs freeze into the cake and you won’t have them mix into your final product.

How do you crumb coat?

Well, you layer your cakes with the average amount of icing you prefer between them. Then you go around the cake with a thin layer of frosting.

Make sure you smooth it out with and icing smoother and just like that, your cake is ready to set up on the fridge for 15 minutes minimum. Only take it out for final decoration once it’s firmed up.

Do not get sloppy with you crumb coat. A good base makes for an even better final product so be very neat! As you can see, it also makes for a great final decoration for semi naked cakes like this one below.

Here’s a video of me crumb coating a cake.

Make sure you watch it. 

Happy baking.

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