Before I begin this review please note that Zesty Zoe is not affilliated with Mochachos Restaurant and this review is solely based on personal tastes and preferences.

Let’s begin.

As you can see this picture was taken in a car so me trying out food from Mochachos was by no means planned.

There are times I get so incredibly busy that I’m on my feet from 20:00 hours till maybe 12:00 the very next day, with the expected hour or two nap in between. So I had had one of those days and when they happen I just about forget to do everything, including to eat!

My boyfriend is constantly checking if I’m eating and staying hydrated throughout the day because I genuinely forget, so he asked me and that was when I’d realised I was really starving!

He decided to grab something for me to eat and saw it as the perfect opportunity to introduce me to Mexican food, Mochachos to be specific since he’d been raving about it all along.

So he ordered a Chimichanga and Quesadillas.

Chimichanga and quesadillas

Chimichanga: I will first start by saying this food taught me not to judge a book by its cover. The outside really threw me off and I was sure I’d hate it. We cut it open and the aroma that came up made my toes curl! 

My first bite was filled with flavours that work harmoniously, the chicken, the cheese, the sauce and the dough were so well balance and delicious.

However when I got to the bottom, I hated that the dough was so thick and there was not much flavour in the dough alone.

Quesadilla: If you love pizza, you might just love it a little less after trying these quesadillas because in my opinion, this is what pizza should taste like and I do not take it back!

The cheese pull was sensational, the taste was out of this world and ugh! I was so happy. 

The two Mochachos locations I’m aware of are:

  1. Along Cairo Road
  2. Cosmopolitan Mall

So in conclusion, I’m really happy I got to try Mexican good through this restaurant and I’ve definitely gone pack there for seconds because wow!

what do you think?

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